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Hello!  My name is Becca Looney and I am the Owner of Lifetime Imaging.  Upon graduating from Southern Illinois University-Cardbondale with a degree in Radiological Sciences, I have been working in the ultrasound field for over eight years as an ARDMS Certified Sonographer and I hold credentials in Abdomen and OB/GYN.  Since opening Lifetime Imaging at the end of 2014, we have rapidly become Indianapolis' premier provider of diagnostic and non-diagnostic 2d and 3d 4d ultrasounds.  Our Indianapolis office is on the Southside (just North of St. Francis' south location) but we service all of the Indianapolis Metro area since we have a mobile ultrasound machine.  


As a mother of two wonderful boys, I remember the amazing feeling it brought my family and friends when I was able to show them their ultrasounds as we anxiously awaited their arrival into the world. Every day, I use my skills to perform diagnostic ultrasounds for expecting families, and I have always wanted parents to be able to create a stronger bond with their baby before birth. By viewing non-diagnostic ultrasounds and live movement, we will create memories that truly last a lifetime.  I am so excited to share in these special moments with you and your family and it is my mission to ensure you have the best experience possible.  If you have any questions prior to scheduling your ultrasound session, please email,, or call me at (317) 426-0678.

Why Choose Lifetime Imaging?

So far we have told you WHO Lifetime Imaging is and WHAT we do but now we hope you will understand WHY you should trust Lifetime Imaging to provide your next ultrasound.  While locations do not need to be licensed or certified to provide non-diagnostic ultrasounds, we feel that very aspect sets us apart and should be a factor when considering a location for your next ultrasound.

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I attended Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and studied Radiological Sciences and then went on to specialize in ultrasound.  I was fortunate enough to have been selected for my clinical studies at Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, IL where I received hands on experience in one of the top medical facilities in the country.

To our knowledge, Lifetime Imaging is the only independent non-diagnostic provider in Indiana that is owned and operated by an ARDMS licensed sonographer that also offers diagnostic ultrasounds.  We have over 7 years of diagnostic ultrasound experience that ranges from NICU procedures to daily ultrasound screenings. Continuing education credits must be obtained annually to maintain certification with ARDMS.

We will provide the best overall ultrasound sessions by ensuring competitive pricing and maximized viewing time of your baby with family and friends.  If the image quality does not meet my expectations, we bring you back for a re-scan at no charge (non-diagnostic ultrasounds only).  All of our diagnostic services are read by Indiana licensed physicians with results returned same day.


With anything in life you want to know that you are in good hands. Whether it is is getting your oil changed, grass cut or an ultrasound, you want to make sure that the person providing the service is an expert with many life experiences to support their results.  I have experience in hospitals (NICU), outpatient facilities and private OB/GYN practices that have provided me the ability to have scanned thousands of patients.  

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