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Diagnostic Ultrasound Services*

Lifetime Imaging offers Diagnostic Ultrasound services throughout Indiana with our Indianapolis Metro area office located on the Southside, just North of St. Francis South and via our mobile service option.  We are committed to providing best in class ultrasound care to women, men and children at an affordable price while creating a warm and inviting environment that does not feel like your typical medical office.  Sure our location is within a professional office complex but as soon as you open the door you will be greeted by a comfortable waiting area and the amenities of home.  Our services are all performed by ARDMS certified sonographers and the ultrasound images and reports are read and signed off on by Indiana licensed Physicians who work for Rapid Radiology.   


If you have further questions or want to schedule an ultrasound, please give us a call (317) 426-0678

1.  Complete Screening:
  • Performed after 19 gestational weeks.

  • Take measurements and look at all the anatomy

    • heart (4 chamber, LVOT, RVOT, 3VV)

    • Brain, head, neck

    • Arms, hands, legs, feet,

    • Spine, kidneys, diaphragm, bladder, stomach, abdominal wall, and umbilical cord

  • Check placenta, position, and fluid.

  • Estimated fetal weight

2.  Abdominal Ultrasound: 
  • Includes Pancreas, Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys &/or Spleen

3.  GYN Ultrasound:
  • Evaluate GYN Anatomy:Including uterus, bilateral ovaries, RT/LT adnexa, endometrial thickness

4.  OB Re-Eval:
  • Performed after the anatomy scan to re-evaluate for any anatomy that was not seen on screening ultrasound

  • Measurements are taken especially for those OB patients that have hypertension, gestational diabetes, diabetes
    type I or II, measuring small for dates or large for dates, history of intrauterine growth restriction, patients that
    had prior c- sections and need to evaluate size of baby

  • Included in this session are measurements and will have an estimated fetal weight after exam.Position, fetal
    heart rate, placenta and AFI are also documented.

  • BPP

    Performed after 12 weeks until delivery

  • Check fetal heart rate, placenta, position and fluid.

5.  Early Dating:
  • Typically performed between 5-9 weeks

  • May be used to rule out ectopic pregnancy

6.  Cervical Length
7.  Placenta Location
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