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So as I sit here in my last week of “work” I begin to contemplate my life and career. How did I get from this very small town in Southern, IL to Indianapolis, IN? Am I really an owner of a business? Am I really leaving a stable job to pursue an uncertain world of entreprenuership?

Hello, my name is Becca Looney and I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and business owner. For those who follow my business already you will note that I have a website and a blog. Okay, I don’t really have a blog but on my website it says I have a blog and there have been a few postings to date. Ironically, our SEO consultant suggested we don’t post dates becuase of our inconsistent postings and length between activity. Apparently Google does not like that for SEO optimization. Who knew!? Well, now that is about to change as I officially work for myself and family starting Friday, Feb. 27th. To be honest, I am nervous, happy and sad all at the same time. So back to the questions I proposed a few seconds ago, how did I get from Southern Illinois (So IL as us locals referr to it) to Indiana.

I started my college career by enrolling at Lewis and Clark Community College where I then transferred to Southern Illinois University-Carbondale to finished my college degree. I enrolled in the Radiologic Sciences program where I learned the skills and science of X-ray and then decided to specialize in the wonderful world of Ultrasound. While doing so, I happen to meet a “Hoosier” and began to learn that a “Hoosier” has a much different meaning to folks from Indiana that those of us not from Indiana. This “Hoosier” happened to be in Alton, IL with some Fraternity brothers and as fate would have it, they began talking to us girls and by the end of the night our phone numbers were exchanged. In order to spare you the details in between, I will fast forward a few years to where this “Hoosier” now has a name, Doug. Doug and I were seriously dating and I was in my final year of college about to do my clinical studies before graduating with my degree and ultrasound specialization.

I was lucky enough to get accepted to the Condell Medical Center’s Ultrasound Clinical program where I would then be able to move up to Chicago and be closer to Doug. Remember, I left out some details and he had already graduated and took a job in Chicago. This was a great opportunity to learn in a fast paced environment that had a reputation of being of the best locations offered to us. Well, let me tell you that I hated almost every minute of it becuase my instructor was so tough and so mean that I swear she hated me!! As it turns out, she did not hate me and in fact was hard on me because she wanted me to be the best I could possibly be. Looking back, I owe so much to her and it really provided me with a lot of expereince at a young point in my career.

Fast forward again… I have now finished my clinical studies and am engaged. Wow, life, slow down!


Well, after moving to the St. Louis metro area for a little while, and having had the oportunity to work at a great hospital, St. John’s Mercy Medicial Center, and independent Imaging Center, Metro Imaging, we were now faced with a chance to move to Indianapolis for Doug’s job. After much deliberation, we decided it was best for our family. We already had one son, Owen, who was less than a year old and then SURPRISE, I was pregnant again. Wow, life, slow down.

Fast forward again…

We have now been in Indianapolis for 5 years and as life has started to “slow” down, as much as possible with two young boys, life has started to speed up again. I must admit this did come from our doing. For years Doug has been wanting me to open a 2D, 3D/4D Ultrasound business so that I may share the skills and joy of ultrasound images and video. After listening to the business case and the fact that I really enjoy these types of ultrasound sessions, we took the plunge in September of 2014 and started Lifetime Imaging. We had our first paying customer on November 13, 2014 and as of tomorrow will be leaving my stable, decent paying career where I was working for someone else. I must admit, it is my inherent nature to be “wishy washy” when it comes to major changes but I am really excited for this venture. The easy part of this transition is the ultrasound portion since that is what I know and have spent my college and professional career perfecting. Please know that I do not feel I have even come close to perfecting my skill set and that is partially what drives me daily. I always want to provide the VERY BEST ultrasound images for each client.

It is my goal to offer the best overall value, service, and ultrasound images to our clients becuase pregnancy is a special time in people’s lives that we want to help encapsulate via ultrasound pictures, video, and keepsakes. We are striving to create an inviting atmosphere for our clients and their extended family members. We enjoy seeing all of the love and support that will be helping these children grow into wonderful people.

I hope you come along in this journey with me, my family and the Lifetime Imaging! If you want to learn more about my business, please visit us at or via our various social media platforms.

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