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Pink or Blue: What’s the Best Way for Me to Tell You?


Gender reveal parties have been a very popular trend for some time now. Personally, I never had a gender reveal party with my two pregnancies but they are becoming more and more the norm in today’s world. I actually love the idea of throwing a gender reveal party and think it’s a great excuse to be with your family and friends. As these parties become more main stream, people are getting very creative with how they reveal the sex of their baby. We have seen people stuff pink or blue balloons in boxes, color cupcakes, cakes, pink or blue silly string or my personal favorite having a live ultrasound performed for everyone to find out at the same time. Who doesn’t love to see their baby and have a party at the same time? If I may say so myself, these are two items that go hand in hand; babies and family. Everyone gets to relish in seeing this new baby while enjoying a cocktail (or two) and great food. Sounds like my kind of party!

I have had the privilege of being involved with a couple gender reveal parties to date and a few more in the near future. These parties are so much fun and have definitely been a highlight of my business thus far. With two gender reveal parties scheduled over the next couple months, I am reminded of my first reveal party that I was asked to attend. It was so exciting to see all the love and support that this couple had from their friends and family. It was something that this couple will never forget and it is a special way for EVERYONE to be involved. The 30 minute exam was a perfect amount of time to see the baby roll, kick and wave. I have even been able to capture a little baby flash the peace sign and the BIRD!! If you don’t know what “Bird” I am referring too, send me a private note and I will explain. Another wonderful aspect of these parties is that they are typically scheduled in the evening or on the weekends thus allowing everyone to be able to see the ultrasound. We never want anyone to feel left out.

I am very excited for my next couple of gender reveal parties but one in particular stands out. I am going to have the honor of scanning my soon to be nephew or niece with my own family and friends. I had the pleasure of scanning them with their first son but it was not the same since it was in an office setting. This time we are doing it right and throwing a gender reveal party. It was pretty interesting when we were planning who was bringing what.

"Becca you are bringing the ultrasound machine, chips and dip” I must say that was a first!

Prior to my sister’s gender reveal party I will be scanning her 2-3 days before the “party” to tell them the gender because she can’t stand not knowing before others. We are then having a barbecue with all family and close friends to announce the gender. I am super excited for this and know it will be something that my family will never forget. A lot of grandparents, even some parents, have never seen an ultrasound let alone see one right in their home. I promise, there will be follow up photos on my blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Yelp. I believe that just about covers the majority of social media outlets.

If you are thinking about a unique way of announcing the gender of your baby, I would love to be able to take part in that special time with you. Email me at or call (317) 426-0678 to get your appointment scheduled. I provide gender scans as early as 15 weeks and I would be honored to be a part of this special day with you and your family.

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